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1. How's the weather now?
A. Rainy   B. Fine  C. Windy
2. When was the woman speaker born?
A. In February   B. In March  C. In April
 3. What's Laura doing?
A. Working  B. Playing soccer  C. Reading
4. What kind of clothes will Sandy wear?
A. A white shirt  B. A black dress  C. A white coat
5. Who is the woman probably speaking to?
A. A driver   B. An artist  C. A doctor
6. How much will the man pay?
7. Where does the conversation probably take place?
A. In a post office
 B, In a zoo
C. In a bank
Where did Carla go last night?
A. To her friend's house
B. To her cousin's house
C. To her mom's house
9. How did Carla like chicken?
A. She couldn't stand it
B. She didnt mind it
C. She enjoyed it a lot
10. What food came out at last?
A. A tomato pie
B. A chocolate pie
C. An apple pie
11. Whose birthday is it next month?
A. Kelly’s dad's
B. Kelly’s
C. Kelly's mum’s
12. How are Kellys family going to London?
A. By plane
B. By train
C. By subway
13. Why do Kelly’s family plan to walk to the Design Museum from the hotel?
A. Because they want to take exercise
B. Because the hotel is near the museum
C. Because they want to see the sights around
14. What are Kelly's family going to do this Saturday?
A. To visit Big Ben
B. To go shopping
C. To play in the park.
15. How does Kelly probably feel about the coming vacation?
A. It'll be terrible
B. It'll be dull
C. It'Il be exciting
My son Daniel began surfing at the age of 13. After school each day he put on his wet suit and waited to be challenged by three-to-six-foot waves. Daniels love for the ride was tested one___1___afternoon.
“ Your son' s been in an accident,” the lifeguard(生员) reported to my ___2___Mike over the phone hurriedly. “___3___he came up to the top of the water, the point of the board was headed toward his eye.”
Mike rushed our son to the hospital. He___4___26 stitches(缝全) from the corner of his eye to the bridge of his nose
I was___5___home from a meeting while Daniels eye was being stitched. Mike drove___6___to the airport after they eft the doctors office. He greeted___7___at the gate while Daniel was waiting in the car. Daniel? "I questioned. I remember thinking the___8___ must have been terrible that day.
“He’s been in an accident, but he’s going to be fine. "Mike comforted me.
I ran to the car. My son reached out both arms, crying, Oh, Mom, Im so glad you re home.1 sobbed(抽泣) in his arms, telling him how___9___I felt about not being there when the lifeguard called.
“It's okay, Mom,”he said. “I'll be fine. The doctor said can go back in the water in eight days.” Was he___10___I wanted to tell him that he wasnt allowed to go near water again until he was 35, but___11___I controlled myself
-He kept asking me to let him go back on the___12___ for the next seven days. One day after I ___13___“ No”to him for the 100th time, he beat me at my own game.
“ Mom, you taught us never to ___14___what we love.”
I gave in. Back then Daniel was just a boy with deep___15___for surfing. Now he is among the top 25 surfers in the world.
1. A. unusual    B. boring    C. amazing    D. relaxing
2. A. brother    B. uncle    C. husband    D. father
3. A. If    B. When    C. Unless    D. Though
4. A. avoided    B. changed    C. received    D. discovered
5. A. flying    B. driving    C. boating    D. walking
6. A. suddenly    B. happily    C. comfortably    D. directly
7. A. her    B. them    C. us    D. me
8. A. waves    B. dreams    C. clouds    D. suggestions
9. A. brave    B. lucky    C. awful    D. proud
10. A. busy    B. crazy    C. friendly    D. polite
11. A. instead    B. already    C. even    D. often
12. A. plane    B. bed    C. board    D. chair
13. A. posted    B. offered    C. threw    D. repeated
14. A. find out    B. give up    C. hand out    D. pick up
15. A. love    B. fear    C. sadness    D. regret
【答案】1. A    2. C    3. B    4. C    5. A    6. D    7. D    8. A    9. C    10. B    11. A    12. C    13. D    14. B    15. A
1. 句意:Daniel对这项运动的热爱在一个不寻常的下午受到了考验。unusual 不寻常的;boring令人厌烦的;amazing令人吃惊的;relaxing令人放松的。根据下文Your son' s been in an accident…. He___4___26 stitches(缝合) from the corner of his eye to the bridge of his nose可知,在那个下午,Daniel在冲浪的时候出了事故,所以这对他是一个考验,故应选A。
2. 句意:“你的儿子出事了。”救生员在电话中匆忙地对我的丈夫Mike报告说。brother 兄弟;uncle 叔叔;husband 丈夫;father父亲。根据下文Mike rushed our son to the hospital.,Mike把我们的儿子送到了医院,由此我们可以知道Mike是作者的丈夫,故应选C。
3. 句意:当他来到水面上的时候,滑板的尖冲向了他的眼睛。If 如果;When当….时候;Unless除非,如果不;Though虽然,尽管。根据句意可知,这里叙述Daniel出的事故,当他来到水面的时候,滑板的尖扎了他的眼睛。因此应选B,when引导时间状语从句。
4. 句意:从眼角到鼻梁他缝了26针。avoided 避免;changed改变;received 收到;discovered发现。根据句意可知,这句话说的是Daniel受伤,缝了26针,故A、B、D的意思都不合适,应选C。
5. 句意:当Daniel的眼睛在缝针的时候,我从一场会议上飞回了家。flying 飞;driving 开车;boating坐船;walking走路,步行。根据下文Mike drove___6___to the airport after they left the doctor’s office.可知,作者的丈夫开车去机场接她,由此我们可以知道作者是坐飞机回家,故选A。
6. 句意:在他们离开了医生的办公室之后,Mike开车去了机场。suddenly 突然;happily开心地;comfortably舒适地;directly直接地。根据文意可知,Mike和Daniel离开医生办公室之后直接去机场接作者,故应选D。
7. 句意:当Daniel在汽车里等的时候,他在大门口问候了我。her 她;them 他们;us 我们;me我。根据文意可知,作者的丈夫开车去机场接她,所以这里应该是向她问候。故应选D。
8. 句意:我想起来那天的浪头一定非常的可怕。waves 浪;dreams 梦想;clouds云;suggestions建议。根据上文After school each day he put on his wet suit and waited to be challenged by three-to-six-foot waves可知,Daniel喜欢冲浪,挑战3到6英尺高的浪头。而那天Daniel出事了,说明那天的浪头非常的可怕,故应选A。
9. 句意:我在他的怀抱里抽泣,告诉他救生员在打电话的时候我不在场,我感觉是多么懊悔。brave 勇敢的;lucky幸运的;awful可怕的,糟糕的;proud骄傲的。根据句意可知,Daniel出事了,而作为母亲,作者没有在场,所以她感到很糟糕,故应选C。
10. 句意:他疯了吗?我想告诉他直到他35岁的时候他才能被允许再次靠近水。busy 忙碌的;crazy疯狂的;friendly友好的;polite有礼貌的。根据上文I'll be fine. The doctor said can go back in the water in eight days.,Daniel想八天后就再去冲浪,而下句话I wanted to tell him that he wasn’t allowed to go near water again until he was 35告诉我们,作者是想让他到35岁的时候才能再去冲浪,所以作者认为Daniel的这个想法很疯狂,故选B。
11. 句意:但是相反的我控制住了我自己。instead 相反地;already 已经;even甚至;often经常。根据句中but表示转折可知,作者没有把她想的说出来,而是控制住了自己,所以这里表示相反的情况,故选A。
12. 句意:在接下来的七天里他不断的请求我让他玩冲浪板。plane 飞机;bed床;board滑板;冲浪板;chair椅子。根据文意可知,这里是Daniel请求我的同意,让他去冲浪,所以这里是go back on the board(冲浪板),故选C。
13. 句意:一天在我重复说“不”一百次之后,他用我自己的游戏规则说服了我。posted 邮寄;offered 提供;threw 扔掉;repeated重复。根据句中…for the 100th time可知,作者一直拒绝Daniel的请求,所以是重复说“不”,故选D。
14. 句意:“妈妈,你教我们永远不要放弃我们所爱的东西。” find out发现,查明;give up放弃;hand out分发;pick up拾起,捡起。根据文意可知,Daniel用作者教给他的道理来说服作者,也就是不要放弃自己喜爱的事情,故应选B。
15. 句意:后来Daniel还是那个喜欢冲浪的男孩。love喜爱;fear害怕;sadness伤心;regret后悔。根据上文My son Daniel began surfing at the age of 13. After school each day he put on his wet suit and waited to be challenged by three-to-six-foot waves. Daniels love for the ride…可知,Daniel非常喜爱冲浪,这里呼应文章的开头,故应选A。
点睛:这篇短文给我们讲述了作者的儿子Daniel喜欢冲浪,在经历了一次意外的事故之后,Daniel并没有放弃他喜爱的事情,作者也没有阻止他去做他喜欢的事,最后Daniel成为了世界上排名前25的冲浪者之一。短文是一篇记叙文,以叙事为主,比较容易掌握大意。题型是完型填空,考查学生们在具体语境中运用语言的能力,综合性较强,学生们既需要具备阅读理解和推理的能力,还应熟悉词汇的用法。做题时,应按照三个步骤进行:首先通读短文,掌握大意。文章首句常不设空,因此要从这里获取尽可能多的信息,并根据所获取信息进行合理推测;接下来逐一做题,注意选项中四个单词的词义对比以及与空前后的固定搭配,并根据上下文的语境做题;最后应再读一遍短文,检查答案是否为最佳。例如第2小题,考查名词的用法,根据下文的提示Mike rushed our son to the hospital.可知,Daniel是作者和Mike的儿子,由此可知,Mike是作者的丈夫,故选C。再如第12小题,Daniel受伤之后,作者不想再让他去冲浪,但Daniel一再请求,所以这里是他想回到冲浪板上,即继续去冲浪,故应选C。
16. The purpose of the charity drive for Grace Orphanage is to      
A. encourage children through reading
B. teach children to draw pictures
C. introduce some local performers
D. raise money for children aged 5 to 12
17. According to the text, we can      in the charity drive
A. play yo-yo with the volunteers
B. give away used books to kids
C. watch performances on Saturday
D. enjoy children's TV programs
18. The text might be       
A. a news report    B. a meeting notice
C. an advertisement    D. a science story
【答案】16. A    17. B    18. C
16. 细节理解题。根据短文中Help develop and inspire our children through reading可知,这次慈善活动的目的是通过读书来培养和激励孩子们。由此可知应选A。
17. 细节理解题。根据短文最后一段中We believe you are willing to donate a few of your used books for the charity drive可知,在这次活动中,你可以捐一些用过的书,由此可知B是正确的。根据you can also meet some famous people from Mat Yo-Yo children’s program 可知A不对;根据They will be giving a wonderful performance on Sunday可知C不对;D选项在文章中没有提到。
18. 主旨大意题。这篇短文是一个慈善活动的广告,文章中用醒目的大字点明了活动的标题,同时还介绍了这次活动的时间、目的以及主要的活动内容等等。故应选C。
点睛:这篇短文是一篇广告,主题突出,有利于学生掌握大意。后面的题目设置以细节理解和主旨大意题为主,比较简单。细节题考查我们对文章细节内容的把握,做题时,应根据题目所问,定位到原文相关的地方,搜索有用信息作答。例如第2小题,这个题目所涉及的细节信息不只一处,所以做题时应把与每个选项有关的内容都找出来阅读,并用排除法作答。这一内容主要是在文章的最后一段中呈现的,我们根据这一段的内容中We believe you are willing to donate a few of your used books for the charity drive可知B选项是正确的。第3小题是一个主旨题,根据这篇短文的大字标题、文章中的图画可知,这是一篇宣传一次慈善活动的广告,故应选C。
17-year-old Brennan Agranoff,a colorblind boy,started his custom sock business in middle school,withnall loan (贷款)he got from his Parents. Up till now,he has sold over 1 million worth of socks online in the last four years
Brennan thought of the idea for his custom sock company at just 13 years old. He was attending a highschool basketball game in his hometown of Sherwood,Oregon,and noticed that many kids his age were wearing the same white Nike sport socks. The boy told himself that if these white plain socks were so popular with kids, then some cool custom designs would surely be an even greater hit.
But the boy didn't tell his parents about the business idea immediately. He spent six months researching things like printing machines and technology and drawing up a business plan. Only when he had everything planned out did he ask his parents for a loan."They thought the idea was a little out there,"Brennan recentlytold CNN Money, but he kept pushing, and finally received a $3,000 loan to start his company. Then he began to work on his own designs. The fact that he was colorblind didnt stop him and he has created over 200 designs now.
Business was slow the first year, but then Brennan started pushing his Hoopswagg products heavily onthe Internet. Orders soon started coming in  in large numbers, and Hoopswagg became a popular brancag custom sock lovers. Right now, his designs can be found on Hoopswagg website, Amazon and ebaamo four years after starting his business, Brennan has achieved great success while balancing(平衡) schoolhouse chores and his social life. And he says he loved every minute of it.
19. The second paragraph mainly tells us how Brennan     
A. designed his custom socks
B. got his business idea
C. organized the basketball match
D. managed his company
20. To start his business, Brennan    
A. bought some Nike socks
B. made a business plan
C. asked teachers for advice
D. got money from friends
21. It can be inferred(推断) from the passage that Brennan     
A. got no support from his parents
B. busy to do house cho
C. stopped designing because of his eyes
D. enjoyed both his study and business
22. Which word can best describe Brennan according to the passage?
A. Honest.    B. Kind.    C. Creative.    D. Helpful.
【答案】19. B    20. B    21. D    22. C
19. 细节理解题。根据短文第二段的内容He was attending a high school basketball game …. noticed that many kids his age were wearing the same white Nike sport socks. The boy told himself that if these white plain socks were so popular with kids, then some cool custom designs would surely be an even greater hit.,这一段介绍了Brennan在参加一个中学篮球比赛的时候,看到很多像他那么大的孩子们都穿着相同的白色的Nike运动袜,于是他想到自主设计的袜子会更加受到孩子们的欢迎,因此这一段介绍的是Brennan是如何产生了这个商业想法的,故应选B。
20. 细节理解题。根据短文第三段中They thought the idea was a little out there,"Brennan recently told CNN Money, but he kept pushing, and finally received a $3, 000 loan to start his company.可知,Brennan的父母并不觉得他的这个想法好,最后他是从CNN Money获得了3,000美元的贷款,由此可知应选B。
21. 推理判断题。根据短文最后一段中Brennan has achieved great success while balancing(平衡) schoolhouse chores and his social life可知,Brennan成功地平衡了他的学业和他的社会生活,由此我们可以知道,他既喜欢他的学业又喜欢他的生意,故应选D。
22. 主旨大意题。这篇短文讲述了一个中学生Brennan在一次参加篮球比赛的时候,产生了一个想法,即自主设计袜子,还申请贷款开办了公司,取得了很大的成功,从这件事上我们可以看到他是一个很有创造力的孩子,故C选项creative有创造力的是最合适的。Honest诚实的;Kind 善良的;Helpful有帮助的。
Every night in Jinan University in Guangahou, a group of students plays diabolo(空竹) as a crowd watches on in amazement.
Chen Zhelun,25,a malaysian-chinese started the diabolo club, which helps to increase the popularity of this traditional Chinese game. He is one of many students expressing their interest in the country's cultural heritage(遗产) by starting clubs.
The diabolo, which came from China, is popular among Chinese living in Malaysia.
“We played diabolo from primary school onward. I thought I could find someone to
play with in China, but only a few students knew about it. So I started a club to develop
it.” says Chen
To Chena surprise, the old game has interested a huge crowd-more than 1,000 students have joined the club.
“It keeps your body strong and it's fun, "says Chet
prefer quieter activities. Every weekend, one classroom in Shenzhen University is alwayscrowded, but it's unusually silent. The members of Lanting Calligraphy Club are writing Chinese characterswith traditional brushes
Fan Dongling, 21, a student in Shenzhen University, says it's a shame that young people no longer enjoythe beauty of Chinese characters.
Although her club is quiet, Fan says it keeps members healthy, mentally and physically
Christmas or Valentines Day, but they seldom pay attention to traditional ones, "says Kong Yanquan, 21, astudent in Guangxi University.
As head of the traditional Chinese local operas club, Kong plans to put modern elements(元素)intotraditional culture to get students to join his club
I think it's everyones duty to save and develop china's traditional culture among young people, "he says.
23. The passage is organized by giving three     .
A. examples    B. tasks    C. lessons    D. speeches
24. The underlined word“Tt" in Paragraph6 refers to(指代)    
A. watching diabolo shows    B. playing diabolo
C. talking about old games    D. going to primary school
25. It can be learned from the passage that Fan Dongling    
A. comes from Malaysia    B. is good at local operas
C. loves quiet activities    D. is interested in sports
26. Kong Yanquan advises young people to      
A. practice writing Chinese characters    B. celebrate Western festivals
C. pay attention to traditional culture    D. make friends with the elders
【答案】23. A    24. B    25. C    26. C
23. 主旨大意题。根据文意和文章结构可知,这篇短文介绍了三所大学里面的学生用开办俱乐部的形式来宣扬中国的传统文化,第一个是暨南大学的空竹俱乐部;第二个是深圳大学的书法俱乐部;还有一个是广西大学的中国地方戏曲俱乐部。因此文章是用举例的形式给我们讲述了大学生们是如何宣扬中国传统文化的,故应选A。
24. 细节理解题。短文第二段到第六段介绍的是暨南大学的陈哲伦创办了空竹俱乐部,这句话也是陈哲伦说的,因此我们可以知道这里的It代指的是抖空竹,故应选B。
25. 细节理解题。题干中问到的是范冬玲,这个人是在文章的第八段提到的,根据第七段到第九段的内容可知,范冬玲喜欢中国的书法,文章第七段的开头But some prefer quiet activities指的就是范冬玲的书法俱乐部,所以这是一个安静的活动,故应选C。
26. 细节理解题。根据短文最后一段孔彦全所说的“I think it’s everyone’s duty to save and develop China’s traditional culture among young people.” he says.可知,他认为每个人都应拯救和发展中国的传统文化,故应选C。
点睛:这篇短文通过三个具体的事例给我们介绍了几个大学的学生们通过创办俱乐部的形式,宣扬中国传统文化。短文结构清晰,主题明确,比较容易理解。后面的题目设置以细节理解题为主,答案都可以在原文中找到。例如第2小题,这个题目是一个指代题,我们应首先在原文找到划线单词It,结合上下文可知,这是陈哲伦说的话,而他宣扬的是抖空竹这个中国传统运动,因此我们就可以知道It代指的就是play diabolo,故选B。再如第4小题,题目中涉及了Kong Yanquan这个人名,因此我们就以这个人名为指导,定位到原文相关的地方,在短文的最后三段,尤其是文章的最后一段我们可以知道,他认为拯救和发展中国传统文化是每个年轻人的责任,由此可知应选C。
Technology is everywhere. We see it any place we go and, in fact, almost all of us carry some piece oftechnology with us every time we leave the house. What I always forget, though, is just how useful andpowerful technology can be when we want to help others
There is not a single room in my house that does not have some electronic devices(设备) lying around init. Whenever I am at home, I am almost always using at least one electronic device. If you walked into myliving room on any given day, you would find that, first, I have the television on. At the same time, I usuallyhave my laptop resting on my knee, or I will be using my mobile phone, Even when i'm not at home I amalways using my phone, and at work or in cafes, I sit down and connect to the local wireless network on myipcop.
I must say that I waste a lot of time on the computer and the time I spend on it could be much betterspent if I were to take up a little online volunteering
The technology we carry about everywhere can have a great power to do good for the world and to helpothers and recently I discovered just how much online volunteering there is to do in the world. From usingyour language skills to do translations, to developing and managing projects and helping with IT work, thereis so much that so many people can do to help people in their own countries and across the world. The UnitedNations, in fact, has a huge page with "Volunteers Recruited" on its website.
This work can support the poor and help charities who cannot pay for staff. Many organizations onlyrequire you to work an hour a week-some even less. And the support provided by online volunteers can reallyhelp make a difference to those in need.
27. From Paragraph 2, we can know that the writer   
A. uses technology a lot    B. works in a cafe
C. is a computer engineer    D. likes modern music
28. The underlined word Recruited"in Paragraph 4 means“    ”
A. Ordered    B. Wanted    C. Visited    D. Warned
29. In the writers opinion, people should spend more time     with technology.
A. working on computer programs    B. keeping the Internet safe
C. inventing electronic products    D. helping people in need
30. What can be the best title for the passage?
A. Website Design    B. Internet Organizations
C. Online Volunteering    D. Online Translation
【答案】27. A    28. B    29. D    30. C
27. 细节理解题。题目问到的是短文第二段,仔细阅读这一段我们可以知道,这一段的第一句话是该段的中心句,根据这句话There is not a single room in my house that does not have some electronic devices(设备) lying around in it.的意思可知,在作者的家里,没有一个房间里是没有电子设备的,也就是说作者使用非常多的电子设备,下面的文字作者举例来说明,如television, laptop, mobile phone等,故应选A。
28. 词义猜测题。根据该段中I discovered just how much online volunteering there is to do in the world.可知,作者发现在网上有很多在线志愿活动,而这句话说的就是联合国在网上招募志愿者的一个网站,由此我们可以知道划线这个单词应该是“招聘”的意思,与wanted同义,故选B。
  30. 主旨大意题。这篇短文开头部分作者讲述了我们周围无处不在使用着科学技术,短文的第一段中What I always forget, though, is just how useful and powerful technology can be when we want to help others点明文章的主题,从短文的第三段开始,作者对文章主题进行展开论述,即我们应该利用这些技术去做一些在线的志愿者活动,去帮助别人,所以C选项Online volunteering在线志愿者活动这个题目能点明文章的主题,故选C。A选项Website Design网站设计;B选项Internet Organization在线组织;D选项Online Translation在线翻译,这几个选项都不符合文意。
点睛:这篇短文讲述的是现在我们应该利用我们周围无处不存在着先进的技术去帮助别人。短文主题明确、突出,线索也非常清楚,比较有利于学生们的做题。后面的题目设置包括细节理解、词义猜测和主旨大意题。细节题都可以在短文中寻找到相关信息去作答,例如第1小题,这个题目涉及的是短文第二段的内容, 因此我们只需要弄清楚第二段的大意就行,这一段的主题句是第一句话,根据这一句我们可以知道,这里作者介绍的是他家里的各种各样的电子设备,说明他在平时的生活中大量的使用了这些设备,故应选A。
thirsty   her   grape   since   produce
31. How sweet these _____ taste!
32. Drink whenever you feel____during exert.cise.
33. that's not mary's son. ____ has a round fac.
34. Tea is____in many different areas in China.
35. we've been friends ____ we were at school together
【答案】31. grapes   
32. thirsty   
33. Hers    34. produced   
35. since
31. 句意:这些葡萄尝起来多么甜啊!grape葡萄,是一个名词。根据句中How sweet可知,在所给的词中只有葡萄是甜的,空前these的意思是“这些”,修饰可数名词复数形式,故这里填grapes。
32. 句意:在锻炼中感觉口渴的时候就喝水。thirsty口渴的,是一个形容词,根据句意Drink 可知,在口渴的时候喝水,这里用形容词在句中作表语。
33. 句意:那不是Mary的儿子,她的儿子有一张圆脸。根据句意可知,这里指代的是Mary的儿子,her可以作形容词性物主代词,修饰名词;也可以作人称代词的宾格“她”。而这句话中缺少的是主语,因此应用名词性的物主代词,hers相当于her son。
34. 句意:中国许多不同的地区生产茶叶。produce生产,是一个动词。根据句意可知,这句话的主语Tea与动词produce构成被动关系,这句话应使用被动语态,be+动词的过去分词,空前已经有了is,这里填过去分词produced。
35. 句意:自从我们一起上学时起我们就是好朋友。since自从,引导时间状语从句,从句中用一般过去时态,主句用现在完成时态。根据句意可知,这里表示“从…时起”,故填since。
点睛:这个题目是选词填空,我们应在所给的五个单词中,选择适当的单词完成句子,并注意使用单词的正确形式。做题时,应先浏览所给单词,弄清楚他们的意思,然后根据句意选择适当的的单词,并根据单词在句中的作用、句中使用的句型等变化单词的正确形式。例如第2小题,句中的Drink提示我们,这里应表示“当口渴的时候”,空前are是系动词,故这里直接用形容词形式thirsty在句中作表语。再如第4小题,根据句意可知,这里的意思是“出产茶叶”,应选择动词produce,并且主语Tea和该动词构成被动关系,这里应使用被动语态,构成是be +过去分词,空前有了is,这里填过去分词produced。
Curt von Badinski is an engineer of a company in San Francisco.___36___(然而), his home is in Los Angeles, which is 770 ___37___(英里) away from his workplace, so he has to take a plane work and back.Every workday morning, von Badinski gets up at 5 a.m. for the 15-minute drive to the airport. After___38___停放) his car, he goes straight to take the plane. After a90- minute flight,he___39___(着陆)atOakland Airport and drives to his company. The ___40___(整个的)trip takes him about 3 hours
Von Badinski pays the airline 2, 300 dollars monthly so that he can fly ___41___(自由地)at any time toand from San Francisco
Flying to work every day is not___42___(容易的)for von Badinski because he can only sleep five hoursevery night, but he believes___43___(没有什么) could be more important to him than his family. He hadabout sever
al ways to solve the problem,___44___(包括)moving his family to San Francisco, butnone of them worked.
.The six hour round trip shows that I have the ___45___(能力)to have all the things I want, "heexplains. "I am always excited to start a new day.
【答案】36. However   
37. miles    38. parking   
39. lands    40. whole   
41. freely    42. easy   
43. nothing   
44. including   
45. ability
【解析】Curt von Badinski先生在旧金山工作,而他的家在洛杉矶,因此他每天都乘坐飞机上下班,路途上要花费六个小时的时间。尽管这意味着他每天只能睡五个小时,但为了家人他乐意这样做。
36. 句意:然而,他的家在洛杉矶,距离他工作的地点有770英里远,因此他不得不乘坐飞机去工作然后回来。however然而,表示转折,是一个副词,常位于句首或句中,后面有逗号与句子隔开。
37. 句意:然而,他的家在洛杉矶,距离他工作的地点有770英里远,因此他不得不乘坐飞机去工作然后回来。mile英里,是一个名词。根据句意和空前的770可知,这里应用复数形式,故填miles。
38. 句意:把车停放好之后,他直接去乘坐飞机。park停车,是一个动词。空前的after是介词,后面应跟动名词形式,故这里填动名词形式parking。
39. 句意:90分钟的飞行之后,他在奥克兰机场着陆,然后开车去他的公司。land着陆,是一个动词。根据文意可知,这篇短文讲述了Curt von Badinski的日常生活,全文使用了一般现在时态,主语he是第三人称单数,故这里应填lands。
40. 句意:整个旅程花费他大约3个小时。whole整个的,是一个形容词,放在定冠词the的后面,修饰后面的名词trip。
41. 句意:Von Badinski每月付给航空公司2,300美元,这样他就可以在任何时间自由地飞往旧金山或者从旧金山回来。freely自由地,是一个副词,修饰句中的动词fly。
42. 句意:对于Von Badinski来说,每天乘坐飞机去上班并不容易,因为他每晚只能睡5个小时。easy容易的,是一个形容词,空前is是系动词,这里跟形容词作表语。
43. 句意:但是他认为对于他来说没有什么比他的家人更重要。nothing没有什么,是一个否定意思的不定代词。根据句子结构可知,believes后面跟了一个宾语从句,nothing是从句中的主语。
44. 句意:他有很多种方法来解决这个问题,包括把他的家搬到旧金山,但是没有一个方法管用。include包括,是一个动词。根据句子结构可知,这句话中已经有了谓语动词had,这里应填非谓语动词形式。空后表示的是“包括的内容”,这里应用现在分词including。
45. 句意:他解释说:“每天来回六个小时的旅程表明我有能力拥有我想要的所有东西。”ability能力,是一个名词。这里使用了固定句型have the ability to do sth有能力做某事。
This is Tammela School, a primary school in Finland. The students are having a math class with their robot teacher.
The “teacher” is___46___small, blue machine about 25cm high, Reuters reported. Whenever students have problems, it helps them very___47___(patient) and never gets bored.
“The robot can make students___48___(active) in class than usual. I see Elias as one of the___49___(tool) to get different kinds of practice and activities into the classroom,” a teacher told Reuters.
So far the school___50___(introduce) four robot teachers, one of whom is a language teacher that can speak 23 languages and dance to music. “___51___is necessary to encourage kids to come up___52___new ways to make use of technology in school life,” the head of the school___53___(add) in the interview.
The robot teachers are used___54___(help) improve learning. This doesn’t mean that human teachers will lose their jobs. The robots can teach well,___55___they are not able to keep class in order. The school still needs human teachers.
【答案】46. a    47. patiently   
48. more active   
49. tools    50. has introduced   
51. It        52. with   
53. added        54. to help   
55. but
46. 句意:这个“老师”是一个小的、蓝色的机器,大约25厘米高。a 不定冠词,修饰可数名词单数,表示泛指“一个…”。根据句意和句子结构可知,这个空后的名词machine是单数,且这里表示泛指,故应填a。
47. 句意:不管什么时候学生们有问题,它都会非常耐心的帮助他们,从来不会感到厌烦。patient有耐心的,是一个形容词。根据句子结构可知,这个词是来修饰句子的谓语动词helps的,应用副词形式,故这里填patiently。
48. 句意:这个机器人使学生们变得比平常更加的活跃。active积极的,活跃的,是一个形容词。根据句意和句中的than可知,这里表示与平时状态的一个对比,应用形容词的比较级形式,故填more active。
49. 句意:我认为Elias是一种把实践和活动融入课堂的工具。tool工具,是一个名词。句中使用的句型是one of…表示“…之一”,后面跟名词的复数,故这里填tools。
50. 句意:到目前为止,这个学校已经引进了四个机器人老师。introduce介绍,引进, 是一个动词。根据句意和句中的时间状语So far可知,这个短语的意思是“到目前为止”,常和现在完成时态搭配使用,have/has+过去分词,主语是the school,为单数,故这里填has introduced。
51. 句意:有必要鼓励孩子们想出新的办法在学校生活中利用科技。这句话中使用的是一个固定句型,It is +形容词+to do sth.做某事是…的,其中It是形式主语,真正的主语是动词不定式。故这里填It。
52. 句意:有必要鼓励孩子们想出新的办法在学校生活中利用科技。这里考查的是一个固定短语come up with,意思是“想出,提出”,故这里填介词with。
53. 句意:校长在采访中补充说…。add增加,补充,是一个动词。根据文意可知,这个对校长的采访是已经发生的事情了,所以这里应用一般过去时态,填过去式added。
54. 句意:机器人老师被用来帮助提高学习。help帮助,可以做动词和名词。这句话中使用了句型be used to do sth.被用来做某事,因此这里填动词不定式to help。
55. 句意:这些机器人可以教得很好,但是他们不能够维持课堂秩序。根据句意可知,空前的teach well和空后的they are not able to keep class in order.在意思上是转折的,故这里填连词but,意思是“但是”。
点睛:这篇短文给我们介绍了芬兰的一所小学使用机器人老师上课,让学生们变得更加活跃、积极。但同时机器人老师也有它的不足之处。短文内容比较容易理解,题型是语法填空,考查学生们在具体语境中使用语言的能力。做题时,应先通读全文,掌握大意,然后根据文意做题。这个题目考查的形式有两种,一种是在空后给出提示词,这时我们要注意使用单词的正确形式。常考查实词的用法,如名词的单复数、动词的时态、语态、形容词和副词的词性转化以及比较级和最高级的用法等。例如第2小题,所给单词patient是形容词,而在句中它是来修饰动词helps的,应用副词形式,故变为patiently。另一中考查形式是没有给提示词,这时常考查一些虚词的用法,如冠词、介词、连词等。例如第7小题,考查了固定短语come up with,想出、提出,故这里填with。
Are You Ready For High School?
If you can do these things by the time you go to high school, you'll get on well with others in higihool
A little respect (尊重)goes a long way. don' t help yourself to her personal things in the room, and lether know if you plan to treat friends there. If you don't feel like you’re being treated fairly, have a talk face .
The first meeting with someone really does matter. To make an immediate connection, look a personthe eye and give a firm handshake. Keep eye contact while you're chatting and mention the persorwhen saying goodbye.
One study found that holding something in can make you feel lonely and sad. So for your healthfriendships, write down the secret in a safe place instead of talking about others in public.
If someone did something nice for you-a gift, some help, nows the time to take out your pen! Sendingthe person a handwritten note card within 48 hours afterward is a sign that you really have it together.A.
A.Keep a Secret
B.Be the Best Roommate
C.Make a Great First Impression
D.Write a Fantastic Thank You Note.
56. _______
57. _______
58. _______
59. _______
60. Please give one more suggestion on how to get on well with others.(回答不多于5个单词)
【答案】56. B    57. C   
58. A    59. D   
60. Keep smiling. /Be ready to help others. /Be a good listener.
56. 根据这一段A little respect (尊重)goes a long way. Don' t help yourself to her personal things in the room, and let her know if you plan to treat friends there.可知,这里是告诉我们如何与自己的室友相处,要尊重对方,让她知道你想要交朋友。故B选项的标题适合这一段的内容。
57. 根据这一段中The first meeting with someone really does matter.可知,与这个人的第一次见面是非常重要的,也就是你给别人留下的第一印象,所以这一段的标题应该是C,留下好的第一印象。
58. 根据这一段中So for your health and friendships, write down the secret in a safe place instead of talking about others in public.可知,这里要我们把秘密写在一个安全的地方,而不是在公共场合谈论这些秘密。所以这一段的标题应该是A Keep a secret保守秘密。
59. 根据这一段中If someone did something nice for you-a gift, some help, now’s the time to take out your pen!可知,别人为我们做了一些好事,那么作者建议我们拿起笔来,即让我们写信感谢对方,因此这一段的标题应该是D Write a Fantastic Thank You Note.
60. 这是一个开放性的问题,题目是如何与别人好好相处,让我们写出自己的建议。学生们应从自己的日常生活中的体验考虑,写出一条建议,不能超过5个单词。例如Keep smiling微笑;Be ready to help others乐于助人等等都是可以的。
61. 书面表达
76.你校英语社团正在开展主题为“ How do students find study partners?”的讨论,为此你采访了一些学生,请你根据下表内容用英语写一篇短文进行交流,并说明你自己的方式及理由。
参考词汇:学伴 study partner方便的convenient
短文首句: I have recently done a survey about how students find study partners.
【答案】I have recently'done a survey about how students find study partners.
 Some students find study partners through the Internet. They believe it's convenient to find partners to study with online. Besides, they can get help from study partners whenever necessary. Some students Prefer to Join clubs to find study partners so that they can share experience face to face. What's more, they think working out problems together helps learn more easily.
 As for me, I'd like to get study partners by going to summer camp because I can learn something new while having fun. Also, it's a good way to learn how to get on well with others.
【解析】这篇作文给出的材料是,学校英语社团关于How do students find study partners这个话题的讨论,要求我们用英语来介绍自己对学生们的一个采访,题目中用表格的形式给我们呈现了不同学生们的不同方式,我们需要用正确的英语将这些内容表达出来,并在最后说明自己的方式以及理由,根据要求,自己的理由至少有两条。审题可知,这篇短文的主要内容应包括以下几点:首先要介绍这个调查活动,这句话在题目中已经给出;接下来我们来介绍两种不同的方式以及理由;最后阐述自己的方式及理由。所以短文可以分成三段来叙述。时态应该是一般现在时态为主,人称以第一人称和第三人称复数为主。写作时,应注意英语表达习惯和汉语的不同,不能逐词翻译,而应从句子整体考虑,使用恰当的词汇、句型和短语,写完整的句子。句式结构以主谓宾和主系表为主,辅以并列句和复合句以及其他复杂句式,提升文章档次。语句之间使用恰当的连接成分,使文章意思连贯。
点睛:这是一篇优秀的作文。首先短文内容完整,包含了题目中要求的所有信息。短文共分成三部分,第一部分是题目中给出的一句概括的句子,点明了文章的主题。第二部分中作者介绍了不同学生们寻找学伴的不同方式以及他们的理由;最后作者介绍了自己的方式及理由。分段叙述,使文章结构清晰,有条理。其次短文使用了恰当的英语表达方式,句式符合英语的表达习惯,语言地道、得体。文章以一般现在时态为主,第二段使用了第三人称叙述,最后一段使用第一人称,语法规范、准确。最后短文中使用了较丰富的句型和短语,如They believe it's convenient to find partners to study with online中使用了宾语从句,和非谓语动词作主语的句型;再如Some students Prefer to Join clubs to find study partners so that they can share experience face to face中使用了目的状语从句;再如I'd like to get study partners by going to summer camp because I can learn something new while having fun.中原因状语从句等等。同时文章中使用了恰当的连接成分,如Besides, What’s more, As for me, Also等等,使文章意思连贯、表达流畅。

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