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2018年广州市中考英语话题复习(五):话题5  Fun time
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话题5  Fun time
7上U7   power, teach, disappear, surprised, another, amazing, skill, boring, information, recent, bee
7上U8   interview, model, stamp, front, silver,push, soon, grandson, granddaughter,newspaper, everywhere, inside, follow, hardly, free, should, sentence, magazine, something, really, anything, ago, UK, over
8上U8   speech, notice, competition, treasure, text, chance, winner, advise, several, whole, suggestion, communicate, whenever, rich, poor, hide, shy, else, choose
8下U4   cartoon, warning, role-play, thought, program, record, basic, appear, actor, match, separately, play, score, team, star, island, storm, jacket,
9上U5   praise, view, direct, make-up, artist, upon, among, onto, forward, second, relaxed, ahead of, beat, still, single, victory, England, lucky, news, survey
7上U7  learn about, of course, all the way, feel excited, look up
7上U8  start doing sth. , spend…(in) doing sth., (be) bad for, (be) interested in…, work of art
8上U8  treasure hunt, in public, put on, in my opinion, above all, look out
8下U4  comic strip, pop out, decide on, video camera, play against, weather forecast, life jacket, thank goodness, make it
9上U5  pass out, keep still, on weekdays, floor plan, talent show, emergency exit
Which school club do you attend?       Our club will teach you…
Come and join …club.                What did you do yesterday/last week…?
Which club did you go to last week?     I went to…
I like / love collecting…               Let’s have some tea.
That’s amazing                      Which club would you like to join? Why?
Collecting stamps is really educational.
1. Last week, students at Rosie Bridge School worked hard to make their English Week a big success.
2. If they want to be good public speakers, they’d better speak clearly and confidently.
3. He gave students some suggestions on how to improve their English.
4. You should communicate in English with your friends whenever you can.
5. In my opinion, every school should have an English Week.
6. There are several ways to improve your spoken English, such as…
7. In my opinion, you should/’d better…
8. Most importantly, you should…
1. First, you need to decide on some basic ideas for a story.
2. In the second stage, think about the kinds of characters you want and what they will look like.
3. To make the characters and things appear to move, each picture should be made a little different from the one before.
4. In the next stage, a computer program is used to put the pictures together as a film.
5. After everything has been checked, the cartoon is ready to be played for everyone to enjoy.
6. Don’t be silly!
7. Be careful! There’s a bus coming.
8. Look out! Watch the doors!
9. Watch out! You’re going to fall!
10. It was a great success.
1. Suddenly one of them passed out and fell across her desk.
2. Twenty-five minutes later, Angela just had to answer six more questions to beat the other contestants and to win the prize.
3. Denise was so excited that she could hardly keep still.
4. Though \ Although I was hungry, I did not eat.
5. To be honest, it was a piece of cake.
6. You are amazing!  Well done!  Good job!  We admire your work!
7. Congratulations! We all feel happy for you!
8. Thank you. That’s very kind of you!
9. It’s time for…, and here’s your host,…
10. Today we have three contestants. The first is … The second is …
11. … you’re tonight’s lucky winner. You’ve won tonight’s prize…
12. Thanks, everyone. That’s tonight’s show. See you next time.
1. I was very s__________ to see what happened that day. I couldn’t believe it at all.
2. I am still thirsty. Would you bring me a__________ cup of tea?
3. The show was so a__________ that everyone loved it.
4. I like this s__________ T-shirt. It’s more beautiful than golden one.
5. My parents like reading. My father likes novels and my mother likes m__________.
6. The taste of this snack is r__________ bad. I won’t eat it again.
7. When I have trouble, my brother often gives me some s__________.
8. We will have an Oral English C__________ next Sunday. Do you want to take part in it?
9. She was too p__________to buy a computer for her son.
10. Li Hui is very good at playing basketball. He is one of the members of our school t__________.
11. The shoes m__________ your dress. Why not buy them?
12. Lee Min Ho is a famous Korean a__________. He is very popular with young people in Asia.
13. Our team b__________ theirs by the score 2-1 in the final football match.
14. You should arrive at the hall a__________ of time. Don’t be late.
15. Qi Baishi was a famous Chinese a__________. His paintings are still popular today.
1. 当众嘲笑别人是不礼貌的。
    It’s not polite to __________ __________ others            __________.
2. 别担心,我会一路帮助你的。
     Don’t worry. I will help you ___________ __________ __________.
3. 她太吃惊了,瞪大了眼睛。
     She was__________ ___________ that her eyes ___________ __________.
4. 学生们在圣诞节上演了一个节目。
     A show _________ _________ __________ _________ the students on Christmas day.
5. 我们看到那些士兵保持不动。
     We saw the soldiers___________ __________.
6. 在阳光下看书对我们眼睛有害。
     __________ __________ the sun _________ ________ ________ our eyes.
7. 没有人对他的收藏品感兴趣。
     No one __________ __________ __________ his collection.
8. 我们周一到周五都住校。
     We live at school _________ __________.
9. 繁重的工作几乎让他昏过去了。
    The heavy work nearly _________ _________ _________ ________.
10. 虽然我已经尽全力了,但是没有成功。
     ________ I tried my best, I didn’t_________ _________.
11. 昨天他花了半小时弹钢琴。
    He _______ half an hour ________ ________ ________ yesterday.
        It _______ _______half an hour _________ ________ ________ _______ yesterday.
12. 我们应该决定进行这项工作的方式。
    We should _______ ________the ways _______ ________ the work.
13. 我父母想了解我的英语学习情况。
    My parents want to ________ _________my English study.
14. 你可以在字典上查一下这个新单词。
    You can ________ _______ the new word _________ _________ _________.
15. 上周五我们与五班进行了篮球比赛。
    We ________  ________ Class 5 in the basketball match last Friday afternoon.
7上U7  A.The simple past tense B. time expresions with the simple past tense
7上U8  A.personal pronouns B.possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns
8上U8  A. Modal verb: should    B.had better
8下 U4  A.The passive voice with modal verbs 
B. The passive voice in the present perfect tense.
9上 U5  Adverbial clauses of concession with although and though
(一) 单项选择
1. Last week John ________  his leg.
  A. felt and broken B. fell and broke C. feels and breaks D. fallen and broken
2. He ________ to see us two days ago.
  A. comes B. came C. will come D. would come
3. ---How do you know about Liming?
--- I know ________very much.
   A. he B. him  C. his   D. himself
4. ________ bike is more expensive than _______.
  A. I, you B. My, your C. My, yours D. Me, you
5. – You should _______ the queue.
  – Sorry, I won’t.
  A. not to jump     B. not jump      C. to not jump     D. jump
6.You had better ________ English for 15 minutes everyday.
  A. read    B. to read   C. reading     D. reads
7. ---These bananas look different and they are sweet.
--- Right. They _____ here from Hainan yesterday.
  A. brought    B. were brought    C. have brought    D. had brought.
8. Nobody likes __________.
  A. laughed at B. laughing at
  C. being laughed at D. being laughed
9.________ it is dangerous, I will try.
  A. Although     B. But     C. Because    D. So
10._______ many students in our class were late for school this morning, but Xiao Ming went to 
  school on time.
  A. /      B. Though         C. but        D. Although
    This is a rapid changing society, 3D films, movies  1   seem to have three dimensions (维度) and not just two, are not new now. They first   2  in 1930.   3  first 3D film   4   The Arrival of the Train. It was   5  at the World’s Fair in Paris that year. Views(观看者) looked into a   6   machine and only one person could watch at a time. The inventors wanted viewers   7  like they were   8  inside the movie that they were watching!
    For example, when you watch 3D movies you feel as if the people on the screen are   9  enough to touch. When you see an airplane  10  , you think   11  it’s really flying right off the sky!
      12  modern 3D films, you must wear special glasses. Usually, one side of the glasses is red and   13  is light blue.   14  you look at 3D pictures with these special glasses, you will see the 3D.   15   them, you can only see a flat(平的) picture.
1. A. that  B. what   C. who   D. it
2.A.appear  B. appeared    C. appears  D. appearing
3.A.A  B. an  C. The  D. /
4.A. calls  B. called   C. is called  D. was called
5.A.showed  B. shows  C. show  D. shown
6.A.special  B. especial  C. specially  D. especially
7. A. feeling  B. feels  C. to feel  D. felt
8 A. real  B. really  C. realize  D. reality
9. A. close  B. closely  C. closer  D. closest
10. A. fly B. flew  C. flying  D. to fly
11. A. what  B. that  C. when  D. where
12. A. Watch  B. Watched C. Watching  D. To watch
13. A. other B. the others  C. the other  D. another
14. A. If  B. Though  C. Before  D. Until
15. A. With  B. By  C. From  D. Without
Make your school life fun
   What do you think of your school life? Someone said it was very___1____ because you just have lessons all day. But let me tell you___2____ we can make our school life full of fun. I am in school now but ___3____ me, I enjoy my schooldays a lot. There are lots of ways to help you stay happy at school.
   First, you should ___4____a lot of friends. You can ___5____your joy and sadness, enjoy your schooldays and do everything together with them. The most important is to get a ___6____friend. So you can share even your secrets with him or her.
   Second, you’d better be ___7____one of your school sports clubs. You can take part in different sports or matches. It doesn’t matter who wins because playing ___8____is fun. Sports will make your school life colorful.
   Third, you should ___9____to do well in studies. Your marks(分数) will be an important factor(因素). With good marks, you’ll find it easier to be happy.
I am sure if you do the ___10____three things, you’ll enjoy yourself very much at school. You’ll love to go to school and maybe want to go to school even at the weekend.
1. A. fun B. interesting C. boring D. hard
2. A.how B. what C. why D. when
3. A. make B. visit C. bring D. believe
4. A. ask B. get C. make D. help
5. A. share B. taste C. keep D. miss
6. A. better B. least C. different D. true
7. A. in B. over C. under D. of
8. A. itself B. myself C. ourselves D. yourselves
9. A. agree B. try C. prepare D. learn
10. A. next B. above C. below D. other
    Today, roller-skating is easy and fun. But a long time ago, it wasn't easy at all. Before 1750, no one had any ideas of roller-skating. That changed because of a man named Joseph Merlin. He liked to make things and play the violin in his free time. He was a man of ideas and dreams. People called him a dreamer.
  One day Merlin was invited to a party. He was very pleased and a little excited. As the day of the party came near, Merlin began to think how to make an amazing entrance at the party. He had an idea. He thought everyone at the party would show much interest if he could skate into the room. He tried different ways to make himself roll. Finally, he decided to put two wheels under each shoe. These were the first roller skates. Merlin was very proud of his invention and dreamed of arriving at the party on wheels while playing the violin.
  On the night of the party Merlin rolled into the room playing his violin. Everyone was very surprised to see him. There was just one problem: Merlin had no way to stop his roller skates. He rolled on and on. Suddenly he ran into a mirror that was hanging on the wall. Merlin's idea was so good that nobody forgot his special entrance for a long time. But could he find out a way to stop his roller skates?
 1. The passage is mainly about ________.
  A.a careless man
  B.a wonderful dream
  C.the birth of roller skates
  D.the birth of violins
2. People thought Merlin was a dreamer because he ________.
  A.slept day and night
  B.liked creating things
  C.was an interesting man
D.was full of strange ideas
3. Merlin wanted to ________, so he put wheels under his shoes.
  A.play the violin well
  B.arrive at the party sooner
  C.be taller than the others
  D.surprise the people at the party
4. Merlin couldn't stop his roller skates, people ________.
  A.didn't like his idea
  B.also remembered his strange entrance
  C.forgot his strange entrance
  D.thought he was foolish
5. Which of the following is true?
  A.Nothing happened to Merlin at the party.
  B.Merlin made a surprising entrance that day.
  C.No one noticed Merlin when he entered the room.
  D.Merlin couldn't sleep well because he dreamed a lot.
1. 很容易学,不需要花费太多钱。
2. 使身体健康
3. 忘记烦恼
4. 你的建议
写一段话介绍一下你喜欢的娱乐活动或体育运动。(不少于80 词)
内容要求 1. 简单介绍你喜欢的娱乐活动或体育运动
2. 说一说你为什么喜欢这些娱乐活动或体育运动
3. 告诉大家你参加这些活动的频率和时间。
Entertainment and Sports
I like ___________________________________________________________________
话题5  Fun time
1. surprised.shocked  2. another  3. amazing  4. silver  5. magazines  6. rather  7. suggestions   
8. contest/competition  9. poor   10. team  11. match   12. actor   13. beat   14. ahead   15. artist
1. laugh at, in public 2. all the way  3.so surprised, popped out  4. was put on by  5. keeping still/ standing still  6. Reading  in, is bad for/is harmful to   7. is interested in/ has interest in 8. on weekdays  9. made him pass out  10. Although/ Though , make it  11. (1) spent, playing the piano  (2) took him ,to play the piano  12. decide on, to do   13. learn about  14. look up , in the dictionary  15. played against
  1-5 BBBCB     6-10 ABCAA
  1-5 ABCDD  6-10 ACBAC  11-15BDCAD
  1-5 CADCA   6-10 DAABB
    1-5 CDDBB
六、 阅读填空
    1-5 DBACE
My favorite sport is badminton. And I have been playing it for two years.
I really enjoy it. First, it is easy to play. Second, it’s good for health. Playing badminton makes me stronger. Third, playing badminton can let me forget my troubles. Finally, playing badminton does not cost me much money.
Badminton helps me a lot. I will play it as a hobby all my life.
Entertainment and Sports
I like listening to music and surfing the internet very much. Music can make me relax after a day’s hard work. I like listening to light music. They’re not so noisy that I can read books or newspapers at the same time. I also like English and Spanish songs. They can help me learn the language and feel another life style. I also like surfing the internet. I can learn much from it. I always learn some news and search for something on the internet. It is very helpful and you can almost find everything you want on the internet. I listen to music and surf the internet almost every day. They make me relaxed and help me with my study very much.
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