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I have five children, so our house is always noisy.___1___, I love gardening完形填空           ★★★
I have five children, so our house is always noisy.___1___, I love gardening完形填空
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I have five children, so our house is always noisy.___1___, I love gardening and my garden helps me relax.
For a long time, I ___2___the garden of peace and quiet. When the children followed me into the garden, I would expect ___3___to be out of sight. And I would hand out tasks.
“Here: you ___4___the onions, you dig the holes, and... "Soon they would be ___5___or their arms would be sore, and they would leave me to myself.
But during a recent spring, ___6___I was working in the garden, my 13-year-old son, Josiah noticed me. He ___7___ a tool and began helping. Working as a team, we finished the job in no time at all. I ___8___Josiah, realizing that I’d enjoyed working with him.
The same thing happened-one or two of the___9___would appear and join in the gardening from time to time. Each time, I would feel ___10___that the work was lighter because of their help.
One day, when I was picking the peas(豌豆) and having a taste ___11___, Abby saw me and ran over. I put several peas into her mouth. She just loved how ___12___they were.
“Mama, I want the others to try them too.”
Suddenly, I realized I had been wrong for long. I'd tried to keep the___13___of gardening to myself, and here was a child who couldn’t wait to ___14___with others. “Sure, honey, let's pick some. We'll make a wonderful supper.”
Now I enjoy all of the garden's beauties with the children. We bring the ___15___back home, preparing and cooking the produce together, because we know that everything is better when shared.
1. A. Finally    B. Quickly    C. Luckily    D. Immediately
2. A. painted    B. guarded    C. refused    D. described
3. A. it    B. him    C. her    D. them
4. A. water    B. eat    C. sell    D. cook
5. A. hot    B. shy    C. sorry    D. nervous
6. A. so    B. if    C. while    D. unless
7. A. waited    B. picked up    C. pointed at    D. looked after
8. A. hated    B. forgot    C. saved    D. thanked
9. A. friend    B. children    C. visitors    D. neighbors
10. A. bored    B. silly    C. afraid    D. surprised
11. A. alone    B. sadly    C. together    D. instead
12. A. safe    B. tasty    C. famous    D. expensive
13. A. tradition    B. standard    C. happiness    D. background
14. A. live    B. agree    C. work    D. share
15. A. meat    B. bread    C. fruits    D. drinks
【答案】1. C    2. B    3. D    4. A    5. A    6. C    7. B    8. D    9. B    10. D    11. A    12. B    13. C    14. D    15. C
1. 句意:幸运的是,我喜欢种花园,花园使我放松。A. Finally 最后;   B. Quickly快的;    C. Luckily 幸运的;   D. Immediately立刻;根据I have five children, so our house is always noisy可知家里太吵,幸运的是,可以躲到花园去;故选C
2. 句意:很长一段时间,我守护着花园的和平与宁静。A. painted 画;   B. guarded 保护;   C. refused拒绝;    D. described描述;根据When the children followed me into the garden, I would expect ___3___to be out of sight当孩子们跟我到花园里,我就期盼着他们在视线之外。可知不喜欢孩子们的吵闹,守护着花园的和平与宁静;故选B
3. 句意:当孩子们跟我到花园里,我就期盼着他们在视线之外。根据the children可知是他们;故选D
4. 句意:你浇洋葱,你挖坑。A. water 浇水;   B. eat 吃;   C. sell 卖;   D. cook做饭;根据Soon they would be ___5___or their arms would be sore,很快他们就热了,手臂疼了。可知是让他们干活,所以是给洋葱浇水;故选A
5. 句意:很快他们就热了,手臂疼了。A. hot  热的;  B. shy 害羞的;   C. sorry 对不起;   D. nervous紧张的;根据you ___4___the onions, you dig the holes你浇洋葱,你挖坑。可知让他们干活,他们很快就热了;故选A
6. 句意:当我在花园里工作时。A. so因此;    B. if  如果;  C. while  当---时候;  D. unless除非;根据my 13-year-old son, Josiah noticed me. He ___7___ a tool and began helping.我13岁的儿子注意到我,他捡起一个工具开始帮忙。可知是当我在花园里工作时;故选C
7. 句意:他捡起一个工具开始帮忙。A. waited等;    B. picked up  捡起;  C. pointed at 指着;   D. looked after照顾;根据began helping可知是捡起工具;故选B
8. 句意:我谢谢Josiah。A. hated讨厌;    B. forgot  忘记;  C. saved 挽救;   D. thanked谢谢;根据上文He ___7___ a tool and began helping他捡起一个工具开始帮忙。可知是感谢他;故选D
9. 句意:同样的事情发生,有时一两个孩子出现在花园里参加花园劳动。A. friend 朋友;   B. children 孩子;   C. visitors 游客;   D. neighbors邻居;根据上文儿子帮忙干活,和同样的事情发生,应该是一两个孩子;故选B
10. 句意:我感觉很惊讶,因为他们的帮助,工作比较轻松了。A. bored 无聊;   B. silly 傻的;   C. afraid 害怕的;   D. surprised惊讶;根据上文不喜欢孩子们在花园里和the work was lighter because of their help因为他们的帮助,工作比较轻松了,可知是感觉惊讶;故选D
11. 句意:一天,当我独自在摘豌豆品尝一个的时候。A. alone 独自;   B. sadly 伤心;   C. together一起;    D. instead代替;根据Abby saw me and ran over.和“Mama, I want the others to try them too.”可知是独自在花园;故选A
12. 句意:她只是爱上它们是多么的美味。A. safe 安全的;   B. tasty 美味的;   C. famous 著名的;   D. expensive贵的;根据I put several peas into her mouth.和“Mama, I want the others to try them too.”可知是美味的;故选B
13. 句意:我一直尽量把花园的幸福留给我自己。A. tradition 传统;   B. standard 标准;   C. happiness 幸福;   D. background背景;根据文章可知孩子们在花园里也很高兴,可知是幸福;故选C
14. 句意:这是一个迫不及待想和其他人分享的孩子。A. live 居住;   B. agree 同意;   C. work 工作;   D. share分享;根据“Mama, I want the others to try them too.” 和“Sure, honey, let's pick some. We'll make a wonderful supper.”可知和其他人分享;故选D
15. 句意:我们带一些水果回家。A. meat  肉;  B. bread 面包;   C. fruits 水果;   D. drinks饮料;根据他们在花园里,可知是采摘了一些水果回家;故选C

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